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Walk in Cold Rooms

Built with strong reinforced insulated flooring warehouse cold stores provides temperature controlled storage and distribution services.

Cold room

Walk in Cold Rooms

At Alaska Cold, we specialise in the cold rooms. A Walk in Cold Room or walk in fridge will not only expand you cold storage capacity, it will also increase efficiency, improve stock rotations and provide fantastic access to your temperature sensitive stock.

We can design, build and deliver a walk in fridge to significantly increase your storage capacity. Whatever you require - Alaska Cold can produce a cold room tailored for your exact needs.

Alaska Cold specialise in the sale of cold rooms to expand you cold storage capacity! No planning permission required. We provide cold storage / rooms across all industries, food, hotels, restaurants health services.

We can produce and supply mobile Grade A spec cold storage units for hygienic food processing environments through to large industrial cold stores and walk in cold rooms, whatever your requirements - Alaska Cold can provide you with a cold storage solution that meets your exact needs.

We can provide bespoke modular cold rooms with additional access or tailored sizing and our industry leading freezer rooms are available for hire, with delivery anywhere in UK. Contact our cold storage experts online about any cold room for sale or ring us on +4407879685742.

Suitable for

Food production
Fruits & Vegetables
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